The contents of Gayatri Mantra

Mantra is one of prayers. In the power of prayers, Mantra is made by power of vibrations in each words which is purified and sharpened its senses.


The highest echelon of mantras is “Gayarei Mantra”.


Gayatri Mantra is written in Rigveda which is in one of the world oldest holy books.
Vada is understood that that is Hindu’s ancient religious but actually, it is said that there were no religious conceptive when this mantra has made.


When the mantra was born, religion was more like cosmic view and there were no ideological gap between the universe and gods. The idea to separate religion and science is a kind of western ideology and it is very new.


Gayatri Mantra is very famous so it is introduced in many web sites.
You will find more details and academic explanation about this mantra in some different web sites.


Many of religious people and spiritualists explain the meaning of mantra in spiritual and mysterious ways.
Some people talk that after they chant this mantra, something good happen or it is just delightful to chant. It sounds like the mantra is a kind of lucky charm. Some other people just revere the mantra as very mysterious thing.


You will find the meaning of this mantra in some other web sites but let me explain a bit here…


The meaning of this mantra is…
It is a prayer which magnify the spark of universe and gods run through in any hierarchy in the universe. Also this is a prayer for the person crave to achieve enlightenment for gospel truth of the universe.


It is high-minded prayer and it hold the power to bewitch people for its irresistible charismatic power but you don’t understand why this mantra is called “one and only best mantra”or“the most powerful mantra”, do you?


The answer is just simple but at the same time, it is important.


However, we don’t find any explanation about that in any other web sites so far…so I will explain it now here.

We introduce this mantra because this is the one and only best ascension tool.

One and only best means…it gives you extremely high vibration. It’s powerful and it is effective for ascension.

It also means that it is extremely scientific. The scientific means that science which is in high dimension which surpass the material dimension now we live in.

I hope you understand now that it is already a method to read this article and know and realise about it.

To know and realise the real meaning of this mantra increase the power of this mantra compare to pray it without understanding the meaning.
I introduce the spelling and production of sound in the next article but I would like you to read this article carefully to understand what is Gayatri Mantra.

Purpose is more important than meaning in this mantra.
This mantra is a sort of cryptographic key.
The cryptographic is hidden in the words itself.


Let me explain more below…


This mantra is a beautiful prayer which worship the god and hope for enlightenment. It seems like we can pray in any languages and maybe it should be easier to pray in our own mother language because we can easily pray in full-hearted.
However, there is the bound difference between mantras and prayers.

Basically, mantra written in Sanskrit is the most powerful.
Sanskrit is called the perfect language and it is not a language for any specific country.

It looks like Hindi in India but it is different. Asian Indians says they can read but they don’t understand the meaning of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is transformed a bit and spread in some areas.

It has the meaning and grammar so it is a normal language.

The special thing about this language is Sanskrit words are vibrancy…that is the different point from the other languages.

For example, alphabets of English is phonogram. Alphabets has each sounds. Sanskrit also has sounds but it also include the vibrancy of universe.

Vibrancy is sound and also a vibration…to put in plainly, Sanskrit has and express its own vibrancy in each words.


Strictly saying, all languages has their own vibrancy but Sanskrit has high vibrational vibrancy therefore it can mix well with high dimension area.

Om…is the first sound of Gayatri Mantra and it is said that it’s a holy sound. The sound has very high vibration. Other words in Sanskrit also has high vibration and combination of each words increase the vibrancy even higher.

Sanskrit express “Universe fountainhead vibrancy” as a language.
It is like expressing the sound and it surpass phonogram.

So mantra with Sanskrit has own vibrancy in Sanskrit itself so it never be able to make a significant contribution if we translate it in other languages.


That’s why Gayatri Mantra’s purpose is more important than its meaning.


Mantra starts with Om…which is said that it is the beginning sound of the universe.
The idea the beginning of universe was sound is seen in superstring theory but so far it is far to be proved. But it is actually a common idea in cosmic view of Gayatri.


Anyway, there are vibration in source of universe. The vibration is rooted in the source of universe. Gayatri Mantra is created by unwasted, simple and perfect words.
That is aggregation of vibrancy which has own unique sounds.

When you chant this perfect sound mantra, you co-vibrate with the source of universe (it is called Great Central Sun)…you touch the god’s vibration.

And it opens the door reach for the ultimate source of universe.

It is not an abstract explanation. If you have afflatus, you can obviously see exactly the same view which is written in here.


“Door” I said, but it is more like a tunnel or path. It is a path which is reaching for the Great Central Sun and it is the light path which is pouring through the light to you.

You open up your chakras which is surrounding you. Chakras are access points which answer to the light of universe and some are actually there around you. Your body is not the only yourself and “you”include your surroundings, it is the field and it is actually you.

The one or numbers of chakras will be opened and next, light pour into you just like waterfall.

If “Prayer for the Peace of the World” was soft light which hug you gently and increase your field’s vibration, Gayatri Mantra is the vibrant which co-vibrant with the source of the universe and open the channel to you.

So this mantra is the cryptographic key of sounds.

That’s why the path for the Great Central Sun open with the vibration concurrence.

The place is the place you use to be and it is your mother, your father and yourself.

It is just like the door of crave many treasures are sleeping open with the magical word “Open Sesame”, Brilliant sparkle light will appear in front of you.


Lightworkers, the spectacle is so dramatic and you will be speechless. Even if you couldn’t see it now, there are always like that and one day you will see it.

That is mysterious view but not like occult taste thing. It is more like scientific.
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” is a witticism of a famous Science Fiction author.
Gayatri Mantra is expressing the word of wisdom above obviously. It is magical also it is very scientific.

The effect is access to the essential point of universe, the god’s area. It is scientific approach because it is perfectly fit for the fundamental of universe so it is simple therefore it is the most powerful.

That is the reason why I recommend this mantra as one and only best tool. When you know it and chant it, you already are a different from old yourself just like Alibaba who opened the treasure door.

You surrounded by beautiful and soft love light from “Prayer for the Peace of the World” increase your light to the power and shine more.

It is a very strong mantra so I recommend you to pray “Prayer for the Peace of the World” for a while first and increase your vibration and start chanting Gayatri Mantra next.

Universe is always with you, in your field.

It is your energy source…so when it is closed, you are living with a little drop of it which is seeping through the aperture.


Gayatri open the path so instantly “light” pore into you.


Many of people who chant this mantra enjoy bathing light of universe’s love and be filled with a feeling of well-being and be enchanted. It is like out of speech.


Light will be rainbow colour, white and gold. The colour will be up to your condition.


If you chant in front of meals, the meals will be blessed. Keep chanting more and more, you will be rejuvenated, enhance your light and the karma, negative mind will be disappeared.

It also has power as Talisman, it drive out many of dark thought and cacodemonomania.
If you become to draw fully upon the strength of Gayatri Mantra, you can crush ghosts which is stalking you or dark vibration. It never be bloody, it will be fulfilled with lights.
So I call this mantra “Lightsaber”.


This mantra is at permanent place as one and only best mantra.






Let me introduce 3 big tools which this site call basic tools in ascension tools.

They provide us one and only best, high vibration in each categories like prayer, mantra, meditation (imaging).

I introduce PRAYER FOR THE PEACE OF THE WORLD this time.
It is as follows.


May peace prevail on earth.

May peace be in our homes and countries. 

May our missions be accomplished. 

We thank you, Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits. 

This prayer is made by simple principle.
It is simple, therefore it is very strong.

I will explain below.

The first sentence,

May peace prevail on earth.

You may think that is it that easy?
Or you may think that “everybody pray for the world peace, what can easy prayer like this make difference?”

Prayer is different from begging something for god.

The most powerful energy which human being emits is energy of thought.
Prayer is representing the thought clearly.

Each words have their own vibration. The world is spin out by vibration so the words you emits lead you to the same vibration world as your word.

To co-vibrate with peaceful world lead to the peaceful world.
To make the situation, you need your brain to emit this prayer as words.

The energy is completely different from just imagining the world peace in the corner of your brain if you make your thought out with prayer.

Someone call the strong word “the spirit which is present in words”.

Therefore, prayer who pray for the world peace contribute to the world peace as much as people who does physical volunteering activities. Furthermore, there are more contributing than physical volunteering people.
We need to emit peaceful vibration as much as we can for the human peace so spirits take action for the peace quicker and clearly than any physical volunteering activities.

It is literally good deeds of souls.

That’s why please understand that the first sentence contribute highly to the world peace.
The most powerful sentence of Prayer for the Peace of the World is the first sentence.

And next,
May peace be in our homes and countries. 

We pray for our country.

And next,
May our missions be accomplished.

This is for getting back to our own theme which we make when we born.

There are many people who lost their purpose of their life or who can’t show their talent which they should have so this sentence is for revolving to pure original oneself.


We thank you, Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits. 

We appreciate for guardian deities and guardian spirits.

There are maybe gods if we go to the church but guardian spirits are spirits under attached to oneself.

It is easy for guardian spirits to protect people who is feeling grateful. Because they tune the vibration.

We pray for guardian deities and guardian spirits respectively because they are different.

Guardian spirits are usually spirits which has connection to the person (like ancestor spirits) who is protected and guide them. Main guardian spirits (unchangeable in one’s lifetime) and sub guardian spirits (changeable in the situations) are there and protecting us.

Guardian deities are called higher self of oneself, the highest part of oneself, they are essence of oneself, One as god. The one is the roots of the person and they have deep connection with the other spirits. It is difficult to explain… but anyway they are gods in high-order.

To pray for gods under attached to oneself is important as prayer for the world peace.

★☆★How to pray★☆★

When you pray for the first time, it will be good starting alone in a quiet place.
If you get used to it, anytime anywhere.
More than once a day.
More than once, many times.

It is both okay to pray aloud or not because it is important that your brain make clear word.
So we can do it in the break time of our work, during travelling etc…

It is not a duty so please keep on doing as much as you can.
It is okay sometimes you forgot to do it. But the more you pray, it is more effective.

If you pray this prayer once, light fall into you like waterfall. If you could see it or not, anyway it goes like that.

The more you pray, you are going to be purified and the place you are will be the light, you spread the light around you and your fate will turn for the better. It is very strong.

If you are feeling that you need to do something and if you were not able to do anything, it will be a big answer for you.

You will be a light worker by this prayer. I recommend it.


Aboout ascension tools

Pray…Mantra…tools of synchronize vibration

I wrote that I introduce some tools and methods to achieve ascension in this blog.
I will introduce pray, mantra, meditating way as tools.

Maybe you wonder why I say tools…
Let me explain why first.

For example, pray…
Some of you might feel hesitation to link these words pray and tools.
But…it is just like that. I mean for leading you to ascension, it is like that.

The world is made by vibration. No matter how you believe it or not, it is the truth.
Vibration is spinning out everything.
Besides, it can be made like countlessly. It is depends on the level of vibrant energy. It is called “Parallel world”.
Now the worlds in countless worlds are separating a lot in two worlds…one is making ascension world and another is not making ascension world.

After the winter solstice (12.21) in 2012, the separation of the worlds is accelerated.
I will talk about this more in maybe later but easily saying, making ascension world is wonderful, brightly glorious and it makes your life rosy. Not making ascension world should be even aggravated world…it is even worse than now. More anguish and more confusion will take place.

That’s why we are hoping that you choose ascension and go to the world of ascension side.
We…means people include me who is thinking that who want to lead the world to the peaceful place and who is working for it.
We would like you to be one of us.

It is not difficult at all. The world is made of vibration. If you got “sympathetic vibration” with the ascension world, then you can be one of members of ascension world.

Conscious and thought have vibration.

Maybe you think that praying is just a flattering unction.
But there are some praying which has very strong highly high vibration and it makes your real life resonate with rosy high dimension world.

Praying, mantra and meditating (imaging) has functions to resonate your conscious and brain to your hoping world.
Maybe you can’t imagine it now though it is scientific and extremely strong.

If you constantly keep using those tools, they change your future to peace and happy world. It is just like you change the rail.

That’s why I call them tools because they have very specific and clear function.

From my long experience as wanderer, I introduce the best 3 tools…they are praying, mantra and meditation.

The qualification for you to do is just you get motivated to do it.

Praying, mantra and meditation…they all look easy and simple.
You will think like “can I change my fate with doing this kind of plain things?”
But some people who never be able to have motivation, never be able to work for it.

It is just like King Arthur draw a sword. It is very easy and simple for somebody but it can’t be easy for the other people.

Same things here, if your preparation was not be completed, you never believe that you can make ascension, so you never be motivated to use tools.
Therefore, getting motivated is the only qualification to use tools.

So, when you choose your tool, tool is choosing you as well.

I will introduce praying in next blog.
“Prayer for the Peace of the World”
High-placed spirits promise for prayer to receive gigantic light from them.

When you believe it and start it, it will be your second birthday.


About this site

Blog title “ascension” means to earth’s dimensional shift for the higher dimension from material dimension (now we are living in this dimension).

After the winter solstice (12.21) in 2012, earth’s dimensional shift for the higher dimension (ascension) has finally has kicked into gear.
It had been planned for many years…for many many years, it required a long preparation period and it began for real on the day.

By the way, speaking of 12.21 in 2012, many speculation (some was playful joke) like this is the end of the Mayan calendar or even this is the end of world rose among us.
However, nothing seems happened on the day actually…so on the rebound, many of spiritualists had the wind taken out of our sails and erased the memory from our mind just like it was an unfulfilled fortune telling…
Though…in fact, extremely big shift occurred and it has been happening now since then.
Now the time for earth and human race make ascension.

All of people, even people who were not interested in spiritual things are at a stage of our life and fate’s diverge.
No one can escape from the influence if they were residents of the earth.
But we can control the influence though.
Rather then, it will more important to control and make a choice for your destiny by you…by yourself.

From here on, people who can be keeping up with ascension’s future will be brighter and people who can’t keep up with ascension’s future will be difficult.

That’s why I think and hope as many people as possible choose ascension.
This is the blog for it.
This is the site which help you to change your life.


Ascension is not only for earth and human race…it can not only spread in big area.
It is also one chance in a million, chance of chance…big chance for each individual.
If you could catch a wave of ascension now, you can change your life and fate. You will not need to be swayed by fortune telling level ups and downs. You can change your fate for hyper-fortune of fortune.

This is not the end of this story…

It can change earth and human race future if as many people as possible could control the real spiritual fate (it is not just healing or “how to invite good luck in your life”) in this ascension.
You can contribute to save future of the earth and human race when you reach out to your real happiness.
And everyone can make it by definition.

From my long term experiences (it is include my past life experience so it should be very very long) of spiritual, I can feel vibration.
I am not so called “Channeler” but feeing and catching fluctuation is my area of specialty.
In this time of my life, I clearly know that I am here to ascension with the mother earth at the moment…the moment of this important period of time since this earth and human race has been born.
In spiritual way, the person like me is generically called “wanderer”.
I am one of wanderers and understand that the skill we need now is not psychic ability, feeling and catching vibration ability.
This ability is very useful in ascension because all of people and things in this world is made of vibration and the earth itself is also made by vibration.
Shifting dimension by rising vibration is ascension.
So after 2012’s winter solstice, it seems like nothing happened but I have glaringly been feeling that it is breathtakingly increasing it’s vibration since then.
I know that that is the definable aspect of govern the earth and people’s fate including myself.

However, people who notice about this  are very little.
Even many of psychics have not been noticed about this.
Also, if someone notice about this, there are not many information about this compare to normal news.

Still, through the internet, as spiritual information, those kind of information is transmitted though there are some trustworthy information and some fake information…it is like mixture of wheat and chaff.

The people who deliver those information should be so called channeler has their own channel sauce. It is depends on the channel sauce if the information was creditable or not.


And I introduce “how to take action” after you believe and understand those issue as specifically as possible…the way should be workable in daily life because I have always been seeking the way.

We can find theory or high level information of high level channel sauce if we try hard.

If you were a kind of mavin, you can reach out to profound knowledge of spirituality.
But in those site which introduce higher lever information, in many cases they don’t tell us how to do or what to do.
In some cases, they try to make us lead to seminar or session.
You may be able to gain advanced type of method if you join for those.
But it should be difficult to recognize which is real and which is fake because they are always mixture of wheat and chaff.
If your protect have removed a little and if you got healing by those methods, we are not sure if we are enhancing our own spirituality from the bottom up.
Some of you come to a temporary standstill because you don’t know how to do from those reasons.
On the other hand, many of you fade in the distance from spiritual because you get some skeptical feeling about spiritual.

How can I make ascension?
Do we need to join in a particular group or workshop and seminar to study in curriculum?
Maybe it should be one of ways.
That is only just a one of ways and inconveniently investing time and money in making effort is not an evidence that that is one and only best.
If you would like to learn some curriculum, of course it is your free will.
But you can definitely make ascension without learning those curriculum.
“Learn this curriculum to make ascension, otherwise you can’t ascension” is definitely meaningless.

I started up this site for people who walked away from spiritual issue from those skeptical reasons.

In fact, ascension is effortlessly possible for anyone in daily life without any costs.

The ascension tools I introduce in this site especially basic 3 tools
“Prayer for the Peace of the World”
“Gayatri Mantra”
“Merkaba Meditation”
are the most simple and powerful and one and only best tools in typical ascension category.

It took such a long time to reach out to these tools but those tools are universalistic and are given by antiquity of holy people.
It was like they were there when I reached out there.

I introduce some other tools and methods in each phase and aspects.
I made some original methods as well.
Some are mantra, some are methods of conception (it is like skill of thinking).

All of tools and methods share common things…that is to help ascension.
They are all simple, anyone viable and the most effective in this fluctuation we surrounded by.
The most effective things are things that anyone can work.

Because things the cosmos, spirits in higher place or god give us are not particular kind of things which only some special people can work.
If the god just make some things only for special people, the god is not a supremacy god.
Totally simple things is the only things which is adoptable for the universe.
Ways I work out are also based in the fundamental theory.

So, this site is not a site which is make you join for some kind of seminar or session to make ascension.
The tools and methods this site introduce are the answer for how to and what to do to catch a wave of ascension.

They are all universalistic, the most powerful, one and only best.
The qualification of using those tools and methods are just you feel up to it. Do it or not.

I don’t say that there are no other best things outside the field of this site.
Each person have each favorites.

Anyway, it is the one and only best experience to feel and touch the fountain of love of cosmos root in essence in universe.

Ascension is Noah’s ark. Let’s go aboard.
People can’t go aboard (or rather I should say people don’t go aboard) have no future on the earth which is moving up to higher dimension.

But this Noah’s ark don‘t have capacity.

This ship can broaden the capacity if as many of people as possible choose to keep aboard on the ship by the name of the earth which is making ascension at this moment.
This is not a game of win and lose.


Methods and tools I introduce in this blog are as I said above orthodox and anyone can work in their everyday life.
The only qualification is you decide to feel up to it.
It can’t be happen if your subconscious awareness didn’t choose to ascension.
That’s why decide to feel up to do it is the qualification.

You are also chosen from the tool when you choose your tool.

Some of you read this blog for the first time might think that “is that the one and only best tool? Is there anyone who can’t do simple thing like this?”
But the truth is if your soul were not reached to the stage, definitely you can’t use those tools.
The more you get into this, the more you feel fun.
If you spend painful days, pleasure as much as the pain is waiting for you.

That is the real thrill of ascension.

If you associate with this long sentence, you are also one of light workers.

I pray hope this helps.